Case Study



  The National Housing Federation IT Services were looking to   

  transfer from an accumulation of output devices (photocopiers,

  printers, faxes, scanners) from different providers to connected

  multifunctional devices (MFD).



Copiertec helped co-ordinate the internal technology switch providing seamless systems integration during the move to their new Head Office at Lion Court central London.



The NHF were also looking for a a sympathetic supplier who understood the urgent deadlines of producing information and delivering it on time and on budget.


  Through consultation with the facilities manager Lallita 

  Paul, Copiertec devised a bespoke service plan that

  delivered both. Copiertec provided a dedicated account

  engineer to manage the document output devices

  monitoring both volumes and reliability and updating all 

  new firmware provided by the manufacturer. Full

  preventative maintenance schedules are implemented as

  a routine all ensuring the smooth, efficient running of the reprographic side of the organisation.



Audit +

The Copiertec AUDIT+ can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current office equipment and the true cost of the "hidden" expenditure. Our advice and solutions could mean that not only will you be in control of your printing costs, but more importantly, that you can reduce them significantly.


Objective: To demonstrate the potential cost savings of moving to connected multi-functional devices. ( in this case study the projected savings for the client were 40% + per annum, £45,000 over 5 years)

Step 1 : Establish Current Location of Existing Machines and record usage

Ground Floor:







Step 2 : Calculate Existing costs










Step 3 : Proposed Location of Connected Multifunctional Machines

Replace 17 machines with 4 multifunctionals and one colour printer on the Ground Floor








Step 4 : Proposed new cost structure








tep 5 : Establish Cost Savings for Ground Floor








Step 6: This analysis was completed for all floors producing the following savings





Extricate your organisation from onerous contracts that are costing you money! Experience high levels of customer service
Save up to 75% on running costs! Office technology and associated running costs, collectively known as "document output" costs, can represent the third largest overhead after people and buildings