Samsung SF-375TP
Samsung SF-375TP

Manual Ref: SF375TP


fits perfectly in the office environment

For such a small appliance, SAMSUNG’s latest inkjet fax, SF-375TP is both slim and curvaceous, designed to fit in the smallest of workspaces. Standing at just 11.8 centimetres high and available in a choice of stylish colours, it is modern, versatile and compact. It makes the ideal office companion for any professional in the home office or work environment.

the most versatile and best value machine

The SF-375TP offers up-to-the-minute technology and the most impressive set of features. Print only the documents you need and simply store others. Documents can be copied at 3cpm without needing a separate copy machine and can be sent directly via SAMSUNG’s SF-375TP. Paper input is up to 50 pages, while you can resize documents by enlarging or shrinking them. The SF-375TP offers convenience at every turn and you’ll soon wonder how you ever got along without it.

fax without an original

Send documents straight from files stores on the machine. A total of 20 pages can be stored. You can even receive faxes without having to print them.

telephone line check

If the line becomes accidentally disconnected, a message is displayed on the LCD screen and an audible warning alerts the user that the line needs to be reconnected.

added convenience of printing facilities

The SF-375TP enables your fax machine to work as a fully functional printer. Print new documents or stored faxes at an impressive 4ppm while connectivity with your PC is easily achieved via USB 2.0. Quality, hassle free printing from your fax machine is finally a reality.

built-in answering machine

With the SF-375TP, you can set your fax to TAM mode when you’re out of the office, allowing any incoming calls to be diverted to the built-in answering machine. Up to 30 minutes of messages can be stored, ensuring you’ll never miss an opportunity again. It’s like having a personal message centre in your office built into your fax machine.


New technology patented by SAMSUNG allows documents to be automatically fed into the machine without ever jamming.

additional intelligent fax features

Screen incoming faxes and consign junk and other unwanted messages straight to the trash before they even get to you. And if you need a quicker way to contact clients and colleagues, you can now send an SMS direct from your fax. It even allows you to receive and print up to 30 messages. The versatile SF-375TP always performs error-free. (SMS function available in UK, Germany, France and Italy only.)
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