Equitrac Express 4 - Education
Equitrac Express 4 - Education

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Equitrac Education Solutions

End print waste throughout your campus, school or district.

Who in education hasn't seen recycle bins full of wasted paper, unused prints and multiple copies of the same document? Or unclaimed printouts of entire books or Web sites?

Easy access to so-called "free printing" in classrooms and computer labs encourages this waste of paper, resources and money. And it's no way to teach good environmental practice or to spend limited budgets.

Make everyone accountable for every page they print.

Now you can end print waste, with Equitrac Express® 4 - the most advanced version yet of Equitrac's market-leading print management and cost recovery solution for colleges, universities, K-12 schools and their libraries.

With Equitrac software, you decide who may print, how many pages, on which machines. You can easily set and enforce print quotas, integrate print management into your existing campus card system, then track, analyze or charge for every page output by any student, faculty member, staffer or guest on any desktop printer, networked multifunction printer or walk-up copier.

With your choice of device-embedded and terminal based solutions, you gain the control to reduce total printing, optimize equipment deployment and direct necessary printing to your most efficient devices - all of which reduces the cost of producing documents.

  • Effortless print quota enforcement
  • Accurate cost allocation and recovery
  • Convenient payment options
  • Ease of use
  • Security and confidentiality
  • Improved productivity
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Simplified IT
  • A better environment
  • A solution for today and tomorrow
Extricate your organisation from onerous contracts that are costing you money! Experience high levels of customer service
Save up to 75% on running costs! Office technology and associated running costs, collectively known as "document output" costs, can represent the third largest overhead after people and buildings