eCopy Desktop™
eCopy Desktop™

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eCopy Desktop

Desktop document imaging solution for personal productivity

eCopy Desktop is part of a portfolio of products from eCopy that help organizations save time, reduce costs, and increase business results with an automated document imaging solution that puts paper documents directly into their electronic workflows.

eCopy Desktop enables office workers to work faster and more efficiently with scanned documents as PDF files. It makes it easy to capture, combine, edit, and secure document scanning through an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

As a result, users can retrieve, edit, and distribute original-quality document imaging just as they would any other electronic files, improving personal productivity.

eCopy Desktop includes a comprehensive set of tools, including annotation, stamps, and optical character recognition (OCR), to enable business users to work with and distribute scanned documents as part of their existing electronic workflows.

Using eCopy Desktop, users utilize document imaging processing and can turn paper documents into scanned image files, combine them with documents from other applications, protect private information with permanent redactions, search for text within documents and network folders, insert bookmarks for easy navigation, sign documents electronically, and integrate documents with their e-mail, fax, and document management systems.

Extricate your organisation from onerous contracts that are costing you money! Experience high levels of customer service
Save up to 75% on running costs! Office technology and associated running costs, collectively known as "document output" costs, can represent the third largest overhead after people and buildings