Rex-Rotary/Ricoh/Nashuatec DX 3240
Rex-Rotary/Ricoh/Nashuatec DX 3240

Manual Ref: DX 3240


Best in class for speed, quality and volume.

Organisations operating in sectors such as education, government and non-profit are facing a common commercial challenge. They need to answer the need for high speed print production at a low, controllable cost. Using digital technology, the DX 3240 and DX 3440 duplicators from Rex-Rotary have been specifically designed to produce high quality document output.
The DX 3240 and DX 3440 will add flexibility to your document production with versatile paper handling to fulfil a variety of single sheet output requirements. More print jobs can be accepted, production easily monitored and documents sorted for easy distribution throughout your organisation. Each model is easy to use, reliable and maintains its productive performance.
Compelling speed and quality make Rex-Rotary’s DX 3240 and DX 3440 the ideal choice for flexible and cost effective high volume document production.

Extricate your organisation from onerous contracts that are costing you money! Experience high levels of customer service
Save up to 75% on running costs! Office technology and associated running costs, collectively known as "document output" costs, can represent the third largest overhead after people and buildings